All of Nashville Coach's offerings feature state-of-the-art design and technology. Each come equipped with in-motion satellite, a powerful generator, in-bunk DVD systems and a robust electronic system. All of our equipment meets the highest quality standards for our customers. For more detailed information on any of our offerings, please see below.

Standard Lease Interior

Our Standard Lease Interior is a comfortable choice that offers two lounge areas with seating, 8 to 12 convertible bunks, a kitchen galley and one bath.
Floorplan | Spec Sheet

Star Coach

Our Star Coach is a more tailored option that offers a full bedroom in the rear. You will also find 4 to 6 convertible bunks, a full bath with shower and a kitchen and dining area.
Floorplan | Spec Sheet

Specialty Projects

Our Specialty Projects house some of the best in conversion design among coach and semi-truck interiors.
Floorplan | Spec Sheet

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